Built on courtroom experience, a client first attitude, and the practical ability to efficiently resolve cases, Perrine, Redemann, Berry, Taylor & Frette, PLLC has forged a reputation for getting positive results in an affordable, competent, imaginative, ethical, and civil fashion.

The firm has handled matters ranging from insurance bad faith cases with nationwide impact, to six month long environmental trials, to death and permanent disability workers compensation claims, making law all along the way.  Firm members are in the courtroom every day and have been responsible for automobile products liability cases, toxic gas releases, insurance receiverships and trucking death cases as well as day to day involvement with the most catastrophic workers compensation cases.  Firm members have argued appeals in the Oklahoma Workers Compensation Court, the Oklahoma Civil Court of Appeals, and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Firm attorneys are licensed to practice in the courts of Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, Iowa, all federal district courts in Oklahoma, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

The firm is committed to client service and consistently receives high satisfaction ratings from our clients large and small alike.  All of the firm’s member-owners have decades of experience helping businesses, insurers, and employers resolve their litigation related problems. 

Originally named Perrine, McGivern, Redemann, Reid, Berry & Taylor, the firm was formed in 2001 when six attorneys from Rhodes, Hieronymus, Jones, Tucker & Gable decided to create their own firm.  The firm is actively inclusive and embraces diversity.  It has always had at least one female owner and maintains a racially diverse staff. 

Moving to the Boulder Towers in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2002, the firm concentrated on trial work in the defense of civil cases in both state and federal district courts and the workers compensation court.  In 2014 the firm moved to the Spirit Bank Building near Veterans’ Park.

The firm is proud of the fact that several of its attorneys have gone on to become judges.  Michael McGivern, David Reid, and L. Brad Taylor were all appointed to the workers compensation bench while being a part of the firm, and are currently judges in the workers compensation Court of Existing Claims.  L. Brad Taylor is currently the Presiding Judge of that bench.  After their departure, and with the addition of David Frette, the firm currently has five owner members.